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Figuring out Fruit Slots Machines

Fruit slots and cleopatra’s coins are a different and special type of slot game. Still with these game new players hesitate to wager for several reasons. One reason may be that Fruit slots and cleopatra’s coins have some features that are not found in other types of slot machine games. Once a new player becomes familiar with the unique features of Fruit slots and cleopatra’s coins they begin to become more comfortable and begin to bet more freely.

You may not find many of these types of games in online casinos and they are added infrequently. In online gaming sites players are given the option to choose regular type slot games or specialty games. Until players become familiar with these games they tend to play other games. Players feel that if they are unfamiliar with a game they will lose more money until they learn how to play it.

In English pubs you find slot machines that fruit machines try to replicate. There are some specific and common features associated with these games. One feature,Guest Posting Nudge, is displayed below the reels. When you click on Nudge the reel will Mediabola 78 move down one position. Players can choose which Nudge button they activate depending upon the symbols that are displayed to make a winning combination. Often players have more than one Nudge option making it easier to create a winning combination. Hold is another interesting feature of this game. The Hold feature also appears below the reels. Players are able to select one or two reels and fix them while the other reels spin. This also can increase the chance of having a winning combination.

Another integral part of Fruit slots is the Cash Ladder. At the bottom step of the Cash Ladder where the win is highlighted to climb up the Cash ladder you have to play the game Hi Lo. When you spin a number is displayed and you gamble with the Hi Lo to reveal another number. Prior to your spin you are required to guess if the number will be lower or higher than the one shown. If you are right you move up the Cash Ladder one step. If you are incorrect they you lose your wager. You have three options with the Cash Ladder. You can continue until you lose or you can win until you reach the top rung of the Ladder and the jackpot.

The Feature Board is the best feature of fruit machines. Special symbols that appear on the reels trigger this feature. There are squares around the perimeter like a Monopoly board. After you click the start button you will see a number and you move that many squares. When you land on a square you follow the action. You can move up the Cash Ladder, multiply your winnings by the number of the roll, or activate another feature of the game. The worst thing that can happen is that your stay is terminated on the Feature Board. Fruit slots and cleopatra’s coins also have many features that are incorporated that are not found in other games. This makes the game more fun and enjoyable for players.