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Sleep And Weight Loss

We all know the secret to losing weight,Psychic Healing: Weight Loss Techniques Articles right? Eat right, exercise more and keep a positive attitude. Yes, we all know that.

If you ever had a weight problem though, you know it’s not really that simple. Eating right is difficult when your facing constant hunger, when every food that is good for you tastes horrible and you are racing full speed ahead from the moment you wake up until you hop into bed at night making fast food very tempting. Exercise is time consuming and difficult, sometimes it can even be downright painful! As for that positive attitude, well that’s relatively easy. Once you get past the hunger pangs and the sore muscles, the fact that you have not eaten anything that you like in a week and a half and have worn blisters, in places better not mentioned, on that bicycle seat. After that staying positive is a piece of cake.

Well, no, I guess it really isn’t.

Overlooked in the standard equation though, the eat less and exercise more truism, is the fact that we are not only physical beings but psychic ones as well.

There are too many techniques to go over all of them here, it could literally fill a book, perhaps someday it will. Right now though action needs to be taken. Americans are gaining weight at an alarming rate. From our eldest people to our youngest, we are plumping up at levels never seen before.

We need to address three main areas if we wish to bring about long term weight-loss. The mental, emotional and physiological aspects.

This could be a road just as hard as the strictest diet and as painful as running a marathon. It could be, but It’s not. Using a few simple techniques, you can bolster your self-discipline, your metabolic rate and your positive feelings about losing weight. You can also relieve hunger pains and feelings of angst over your current weight.

You can do these yourself, or have a friend or professional help you with them, so don’t be worried that you might not have never tried anything like this before!

Here are some basic techniques you can use to aid in losing weight. While simple they are very powerful. You still have to diet and exercise, these methods will make that easier to do though.

*Start by calming yourself and quieting your mind. Just take a minute to not worry about anything, relax and let go of any distractions.

*Hold the idea in your mind that you are already thin. I know that this seems strange, but if you want to lose weight it helps to convince yourself that it is possible. If your mind rebels and tries to tell you something different just replace the thought with the idea you are thin and healthy and don’t worry about it. It will take a bit of time to train your subconscious mind how to be thin. Spend a few minutes just “knowing” that you are slim and trim. You don’t even have to visualize it. In fact, to your deeper self it is more helpful if you don’t visualize it.

*Now imagine your day. “See” yourself eating a healthy breakfast. Go about your day until lunch. Hold the concept of all this time passing without phen24 ingredients much hunger. Imagine enjoying a lunch of healthy foods that you arranged in the morning. Know that stresses will happen and you will let them go. See yourself going through some exercise and really enjoying it, is it hard? Sure, but nothing you can’t handle! Go through dinner in this way as well. Notice that you are not craving sweets particularly, hunger is not an issue for you either. Perhaps you will have a small snack before bed? That is up to you.

The important thing here is to use conceptual thought as much as possible. If you haven’t gotten the trick of thinking in ideas yet, just do your best. Visualizing your desired day will work too, just not as powerfully.

*Next we are going to hold several different concepts in a row. These will actually be building powerful psychic fields around you, so make sure you keep the ideas/concepts you are maintaining very clear and as constant as possible.

1. Hold the idea of energy in your body. Feel the energy coursing through you. Buzzing and exciting your system. This will increase your metabolic rate. Feel it in every part of your body. Hold this for at least a minute.